Packaging machines
Automatic packaging and pallet
Liquid filling machines
Automatic weigh feed systems
     Changshu City Sanhe Measuring Equipment Factory is a technological enterprise which is professional engaged in research, development, manufacture and sale of solid product (graininess product and powdery product ) packaging machine, liquid filling machine, automatic weigh feed system, automatic palletizer and related product line. It’s products sell well home and abroad ,and are already widely used in chemical, petrochemical, fine chemical, medicine, fertilizer, plastics, rubber, dyestuff, food, feed, non-ferrous metals, metallic minerals, nonmetallic minerals, building material industries etc.
    Changshu City Sanhe Measuring Equipment Factory  is a Jiangsu Province Hi-tech Enterprise, a Jiangsu Province Private Science & Technology Enterprise, It won Chinese National Private Hi-tech Enterprise Innovation Prize in 2006, and be already awarded ISO9001-2000 “Certificate of The System of Quality Certification” and “ License for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People’s republic of China”(CMC). it has three Jiangsu Province Hi-tech Products . Changshu Sanhe has four major categories of products:
Packaging machine
Automatic packaging and palletizing line
Liquid filling machine
Automatic weigh feed system
1. packaging machine
 ●according to the packaging containers, Sanhe’s packaging machines have following types:
1) valve bag packaging machine(weighing scope:5kg/bag-50kg/bag)
2) open-mouth bag(box, barrel) packaging machine (weighing scope:100g/bag-200kg)
3) big bag packaging machine(weighing scope: 200kg/bag-2000kg/bag)
 ●according to material feeder, Sanhe’s packaging machines have following types:
1) gravity feed packaging machine
2) auger (screw ) feed packaging machine
3) vibrator feed packaging machine
4) belt feed packaging machine
5) impeller feed packaging machine
6) pneumatic feed packaging machine
 ●according to the packaging material, Sanhe’s packaging machines have following types:
1) granule packaging machine
2) powder packaging machine
3) ultrafine powder packaging machine
2. Automatic packaging and palletizing line
Sanhe’s automatic packaging and palletizing line is mainly composes of following equipments:
automatic packaging machine, automatic bag magazine, automatic swing bag supplying device, automatic bag-clamping device(filling nozzle), automatic bag-sealing(sewing or heat sealing) machine, bag-tipping & tidying device, metal detector, weight checker, rejecter, ink-jet printer, automatic palletizer, automatic pallet magazine, online film wrapping machine,some conveyors and electric cabinets etc.
3. Liquid filling machine

Weighing scope:1kg/barrel-2000kg/barrel
4. Automatic weigh feed systems
According to feed method, Sanhe’s automatic weigh feed system have following types:
1) Automatic weigh batching system (hopper weigher)
2) Automatic continuous proportional weigh feed system(weightlessness feed scale)